World’s leading visitor attraction

In 2016, the Belfast visitor attraction known as ‘Titanic Belfast’ was voted by World Travel Awards as the world’s leading tourist attraction. Recognition of the project is understandable; but to rub shoulders with past winners and nominees such as the the Taj Mahal, the Las Vegas Strip, Machu Picchu and Guinness Storehouse Dublin speaks volumes.

My involvement in the project stems from 2005 at the inception of the current scheme. I lead delivery of the concept building design for Harcourt working alongside talented colleagues and co-professionals. The funding bid called for an iconic building, not your everyday design brief! What we created together pays homage to the golden age of shipbuilding in Belfast, where the Titanic was designed and built.

The project is a great testament to the vision of Harcourt Developments and co-promoters Belfast City Council, The Northern Ireland Tourist Board and the N.I. Department of Enterprise Trade and Industry. At all stages we were ably guided and encouraged by the Titanic Historical community in Belfast whose passion and dedication first brought this project to fruition.

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